Stephen Starnes  Bio

Immediately after being saved 14 years ago, the Lord put on Stephen Starnes’ heart the burden to reach lost people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, lifting up His name before men. He has been taking the gospel into the world for 13 years, and began going out in downtown Ft. Worth alone and passing out tracts three years ago. About this time, he saw the need for consistency in going out, and prayed for the Lord to raise up more workers. Today, he leads a street ministry team of 30-40 inter-denominational Christians who go out each weekend to the streets of downtown Ft. Worth to share the gospel through tracts, one on one conversations, and open air preaching. According to Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, only 2% of Christians share their faith. Stephen’s passion and calling is to encourage, equip, and exhort the church to take the gospel from the pulpit into the world.

Because many Christians believe in error that evangelism is not a command, they often have no motivation to share their faith. Those that understand it to be a command by the Lord and have the desire, often believe evangelism is a gift only for certain individuals, and feel unequipped. Stephen’s desire is to train believers how to live out the Great Commission through compassion for people, and the compelling love of Christ.

Most believers encounter fears about sharing their faith, and this ministry seeks to teach them how to overcome these fears through a Biblical approach to evangelism and hands-on training. This training involves more than just book or verbal instruction, he takes them to the front lines where many people who would never be reached through a church service can hear the gospel. Christians see first hand how to begin a conversation with complete strangers about spiritual things. Stephen believes that the Christian who is grateful for the forgiveness they received should want to tell others it is available to them also.


Open Air Preaching - Stephen Starnes: Main St. Arts Festival 07

Open Air Preaching - Stephen Starnes: Main St. Arts Festival 07

As the bagpipe plays in opposition to the gospel, he preaches on... he preaches on...

Stephen Starnes