Evangelizing the Lost Ministries

 in Fort Worth, Texas

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Ten Commandments



Our vision is to help believers step out of their comfort zone and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world.


The mission of this ministry is to help churches to train and equip believers to share their faith effectively without compromise. And, to raise up evangelism teams in local churches that will faithfully, consistently with compassion reach out to the lost in their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are here to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

To train and equip Christian's how to share their faith effectively, boldly, compassionately , and biblically.... Our hearts desire is to see the Church of Jesus Christ become the Church of Jesus Christ by being a light into a dark world. This is done by raising up true Christians (followers of Christ) that are committed to follow Jesus , obey God's Word, prayer, and seeking and saving the lost no matter the cost.

We train Christians in these areas :

1) evangelism seminars in local churches

2) handing out gospel tracts

3) One-2-One witnessing (conversation)

4) Open-Air preaching

Weekend Training

We take teams to the streets of Ft. Worth every weekend to:

Hand out gospel tracts,

One-2-One witnessing,

and Open-Air preaching

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